Malaya Jewelry Collaboration With

Tashi Mannox

Calligraphy Artist

Tashi Mannox is considered one of the top Tibetan calligraphers in the world, who although highly acclaimed for his knowledge and mastery of the traditional Tibetan designs, is highly creative and innovative. He started his career as a young man, entering a monastic university and spending 4 years in retreat where aside from meditation he practiced the art of calligraphy by copying ancient manuscripts of timeless wisdom.

He remained an ordained monk for over 17 years, all along studying arts including temple decoration, the significance of decorative motifs, etc. His unique and rare talent is his mastery of ancient and contemporary Tibetan (ཆོས་སྐད།) scripts, such as Lantsa, Wartu, Uchen etc.

Now regarded as one of the foremost Tibetan calligraphers alive he works closely with Malaya Jewelry, creating uniquely accurate pieces of art based in the traditional art of calligraphy featured prominently in our Sacred Syllables collection.

Tashi Mannox & Malaya Jewelry

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